31 de jul de 2009

Tips for freelancers... like us!

The following posts are very interesting for freelancers in general - like us, translators, who are usually self-employed. Enjoy.

- Ten Tips To Stay Motivated — Even When You Really Don’t Feel Like Working is a useful post written by Laura Spencer. The photo that comes with the post might suggest that caffeine is one of the tips (which, apparently, is one of translators' top motivators, along with chocolate...), but it actually isn't. While you're at
it, you might want to check the other posts in this website, http://freelancefolder.com/, all addressed to freelancers, of course, like Seven Lies Freelancers Tell Themselves, Is Freelancing Hurting Your Health? and 5 Tricks That Make You More Attractive to Clients, all very relevant.

- How to Budget for an Irregular Income has very detailed, practical suggestions for people who don't have a fixed monthly salary. This is another blog worth a longer stop. The name is inspiring http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/ and some posts are just perfect for us. Like this one: Office Space: Why I Rented a Place to Write. Though he has a point, I still love working from home. I've rented an office before and found it somehow more isolating. What do you think?

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