21 de set de 2009

Translation Journal

The October (and 50th!) issue of Translation Journal is online with lots of interesting articles. One of the them is written by Brazilian translator Danilo Nogueira, whose blog Tradutor Profissional is a reference for all translators in Brazil, and co-authored by Kelli Semolini. It also features the profile of translator Pimpi Coggins. I really like one of the things she says right before she starts writing about her life as a translator: "The secret to becoming a good and insightful translator is to think, think, and think some more. Then research, analyze, read, and never ever lose your sense of humor." I love this and couldn't agree more. There are times when I think I'm spending too long thinking about one specific sentence, for example. But the result always pays off. And sense of humour: well, that really is essential! Enjoy your reading: http://www.translationjournal.net/journal/index.html.

(An addition to the post: Make sure you check the journal's complete table of contents from 1997 to 2009:  http://www.translationjournal.net/journal/toc.htm#profile)

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