18 de nov de 2009

ATA Conference - articles and posts

There are lots of interesting things to read about the American Translators Association conference held at the end of October, so I'm listing a few here:

- The conference made the first page of the Los Angeles Times, with the piece 'Demand grows for niche translators'. "It's not just having the language skill. It's also having the expertise in the subject matter," said Dahlberg, whose story was striking enough that Nicholas Hartmann, president of the American Translators Assn., retold it during the group's 50th convention in New York last month." Read the full article.

- The Jenner sisters, of Translation Times, posted their review of the conference. "Overall, it was fantastic: more than 150 sessions and more than 2,000 colleagues." Read the post here.

- The presentations given by the Portuguese Language Division are listed here and you can download the PDFs to read their content.

- Blogger Jill Sommer posted two articles on the conference. A general report here, where she notes that "The presentations were without a doubt top-notch this year." And an amusing peek at their "blogger lunch", here.

There are many more, if you have other suggestions to include here, please write a comment.

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