2 de jun de 2009

Blog of the month | Blog do mês

I'm starting a new series, Blog of the month, to write about one of the translation blogs I recommend here (list on the right).

Here's the the first one: Translation Tips http://www.rede-de-tradutores.blogspot.com/. Written by Rose Polato, who says she's 'fascinated by the intricacies of languages'. Each post discusses the translation of one group of words or is a mini-glossary about one topic. The most recent post, for example, is about the difference between laptops, notebooks, netbooks, etc (http://rede-de-tradutores.blogspot.com/2009/05/laptop-notebook-subnotebook-mini-laptop.html). And the one before that
was a bilingual (English-Portuguese) list of 'poultry words' (http://rede-de-tradutores.blogspot.com/2009/05/birds-poultry.html). Posts are sometimes in English, sometimes in Portuguese. A good tip.

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