13 de jan de 2010

Translation Tips on Twitter | Dicas de tradução no Twitter

If you translate into English, you might want to follow @anglais (http://twitter.com/anglais), the twitter of Anglocom, an agency based in Quebec City. As you know, tweets are 140 characters long only, but @anglais manages to pack very useful short tips in their messages. Tweets like "The Translator’s Checklist: Would the sentence be more readable if I cut it in two? Do so if the meaning and connotation stay the same", or "The Translator’s Checklist: Can any nouns be changed to verbs to add movement to the text? Using verbs will make your text sound more Eng." are simple yet excellent, clear, and to the point. I like to read them and remind myself of some things or even learn new stuff! I've had a few "oh, yeah" moments following them. I think Anglocom should put all of this together in a book or e-book.

(For information on Twitter, check http://twitter.com/about#about. Some people think Twitter is useless, that they don't want to know what other people are doing. This is not what Twitter is about. It might not be for you, but you shoudl at least know that Twitter is being used by professionals to exchange information and ideas. I suggest you look for translators on Twitter and see for yourself. My twitter: @marisebarros)

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